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Home & Auto Insurance 

Having more than one insurance policy with Bolton Insurance can save you time — and money. When you bundle more than one insurance policy together, like your home and auto insurance, you can save money on our already competitive rates with our multi-policy discount.

Plus, by keeping all of your insurance policies in one place, you can manage them easily, all in one place. 

As one of the largest agencies in the country, Bolton Insurance has thousands of motorists on the road at any given time. This means that it's crucial to have the protection you need when on the road. At Bolton Insurance LLC, we are a local agency that delivers a customized auto policy that meets all your requirements.

Understanding Car Insurance Further

While you don't want to worry while driving, it's always a good idea to be prepared. A car insurance policy is needed in the event of an accident, extreme weather from mother nature, or even vandalism and theft. For you, it safeguards you against significant financial losses. 


Homeowners Insurance

Every year, homeowners suffer serious losses from fire, theft, and natural disasters. To protect against extensive financial loss, wise homeowners should have an up-to-date insurance policy that adequately covers both home and possessions.

Commercial Property Insurance

Businesses that have commercial properties have made significant financial investments in their properties, and the businesses are often dependent upon the properties in some way. For these reasons, it’s imperative that businesses protect their properties. Commercial property insurance gives businesses in Connecticut a way to protect their properties against a number of perils.

Commercial property insurance policies are similar to homeowners policies, except they’re designed to insure business properties rather than single-family homes. They may contain more coverages and/or higher limits than homeowners policies because commercial properties frequently are worth more than single-family homes.

What Businesses Need Business Property Insurance?


Most small businesses fail within five years. Without proper protection, owning a small business can be more risky than just failing to make a profit. It could threaten your personal financial well-being far beyond anything you might imagine. So why not try to protect your business assets and take as much risk out of your efforts as possible with business insurance?

Dependent on the nature of your company, we have some of the most competitive commercial insurance programs in the insurance industry. These commercial insurance programs are supported by toll free, 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service teams that can assist with ALL of your insurance needs. Whether your insurance needs are Workers Compensation, General Liability, Auto, or Commercial Property coverage, we can save you money.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Maintaining security of electronic systems and the private information therein is a huge concern these days. A breach of your systems and loss of private information is only one type of "cyber exposure" faced by your business. Here are some examples of incidents that could cause you some financial heartburn:

  • A hacker gains access to customer information stored on your server, including credit card numbers. Federal and state laws, as well as genuine concern for your customer relationships, require you to notify customers affected by the breach, provide credit-monitoring services, pay expenses and losses incurred by customers, respond to media inquiries about the breach, determine what led to the breach and fix the conditions that allowed the breach to happen in the first place.

  • An employee sends a customer an e-mail attachment containing a virus that destroys the customer's computer system. The customer sues you for damages caused by the virus transmission.

  • A competitor sues you for alleged financial harm incurred as a result of material displayed on your website, including defamation, disparagement, and infringement of trade dress.

  • An employee opens an e-mail attachment that introduces a virus into your computer system and causes a total shut-down of your e-commerce activities for a number of days.

You can purchase insurance - called Cyber-Liability and Information Security coverage - to protect your business against these and other cyber-related incidents. These insurance policies are affordable for most businesses, especially when you consider the important benefits they provide.

We'll provide ongoing service as your needs and situation change over time. We'll work with you over the years to help keep your program on track with your changing needs.

We do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professionals before making any decisions.





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