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Araba Bolton BIO.

An orphan, immigrant, college grad, mother, professional woman, mentor, and now CEO of Bolton Insurance.  One can argue that she has come a long way!  Each stage of her journey has brought her to levels she truly enjoys, and she has loved every minute of it. Each milestone has taught her crucial lessons she would need for the next journey.


On the other hand, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity and the privilege without the help of family, friends, and complete strangers who have helped her along the way. Therefore, you better believe it when she says she love every minute of working with people because she is immensely grateful.


Her high school days were a bit of a cultural shocked. She said and did all the wrong things as you can imagine any immigrant will do. She would say things like potato couch instead of couch potato. Her fashion resembles that of the coat of many colors. Through it all she graduated and was voted the most likely to succeed in high school. With a diploma and two degrees from college behind her she embraced corporate America fearlessly. She was recognized for the employee of the month many times more than she can remember. She is supported by a winning team representing both east and west coasts with marketing strategies which helped increased her clients bottom-line.

When Araba is not working you can see her volunteering with her children in the community. Araba has been recognized in the community for her volunteer work with the Alzheimer’s Association walk, Mary’s Walk in Windsor for grieving children. She also collaborates with Hartford Public schools and YMCA Head Start Meriden to issued hundreds of Child ID(s) to students and their parents for their safe return in case the child is gone missing. She made monetary donation to various charitable organization because she believes strongly in charity.



Araba has embraced the insurance industry with the vengeance and passion necessary to serve her true purpose in life, which is helping people navigate the financial world with ease and simplicity. As a result, she has earned many rewards for providing exemplary customer service.




Audrey Appiah.jpg


Appiah BIO.

After completing an internship opportunity with Allstate which introduced her to the insurance industry, Audrey Appiah went on to work full time with the leading carrier CHUBB in 2016. She worked in personal lines, servicing a portfolio of high-net-worth clients before switching to the commercial brokerage side of the business. Audrey has enjoyed many accomplishments during her career including becoming a licensed Property & Casualty broker, coordinating leading events for insurance executives, and helping individual and commercial clients protect their most valuable assets! Committed to learning and growing in an industry once foreign to her, she makes time to volunteer at industry events that shed light on new trends and on how necessary the insurance industry is.

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